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A professional sand sculpture outfit that creates extreme works of art made entirely of sand.

Marianne and Chris

Marianne van den Broek started her sculpting career in 1999 for a project near Amsterdam, Netherlands. This sand project turned out to be a European record breaking 52 foot tall sculpture. The following years her summers were spent traveling all over Western Europe sculpting sand at numerous festivals, including the sculpture that broke the Guinness Book of World Records in 2001 at a nose-bleeding 68' 6" high.

In 2002, Marianne crossed the Atlantic Ocean to attend her first Master level solo competition in the US. Many events followed and there was even time for romance when she met a competing carver, Chris, who is now her husband. 

Since then, the two have traveled the world creating numerous beautiful works of art made entirely of sand.

After several opportunities to have a career in different artistic fields, Chris Guinto became a successful award winning sand sculptor who pushes the envelope not only through his designs but also in his form work that defy gravity, consistently raising the bar. With a background in concept designs, special effects and fine art he combines them in sculptures that are both imaginative and dynamic, showing you scenes in a fresh and original way. Chris also starred in the hit television series 'Sand Masters', 'Sand Wars' & 'Sand Blasters' on the Travel Channel as well as featured on the Weather Channel. You can find more of Chris' sculpture works here.

In 2009 Marianne created Sand-isle and the Sandbox to teach people how to build their own sand sculptures in Key West, Florida. Soon there after their business grew to several locations and being located in the Florida Keys, wedding sculptures became a popular addition to their portfolio. In 2014 Marianne developed the International Sand Art Competition, held at the Casa Marina Resort, where some of the worlds best sand sculptors compete against one another.

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